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Digital Diagnostics (DDx)

Leveraging advanced AI/ML capabities to expand markets

DDx can optimize care delivery by enhancing the accuracy of diagnostic practices. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, DDx have entered a new era. AI/ML is used to navigate through and interpret complex and multi-modal datasets. Ultimately, they contribute to the elaboration of validated digital biomarkers that can aid in early disease detection and treatment planning.

The value for life sciences players

When correctly implemented and integrated within care workflow, DDx solutions can help life science companies with market development by helping:

  • Detect more patients eligible to an innovative treatment
  • Reduce time-to-diagnosis for diseases that are hard to diagnose
  • Monitor disease progression to help providers individualize treatment plans
  • Support patients in the anticipation of flare-ups, exacerbations and predict triggers of disease worsening
Graph with 4 advantages of ai diagnosis: detect more patients, reduce time-to-diagnosis, monitor disease progression and anticipation of flare-ups

How can Aptar Digital Health help with AI/ML-based DDX?

We design, develop, validate, and operate Digital Diagnostics solutions that leverage AI/ML capabilities. We can also manage regulatory submissions and approvals on your behalf. If you have already worked on early prototypes, tests and/or clinical feasibility, Aptar Digital Health can also be your industrialization partner to implement and deliver your DDx solutions in the real-world. Finally, these solutions can integrate with other building blocks of our platform, such as digital PSPs, Software as Medical Device, Disease Management Platforms and connected drug delivery devices.

Reach out to our team today to discuss how we can help you build and launch your DDx solution and support your market development initiatives!

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