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Enhancing Patient Experiences

We elevate patient experiences at every stage of the treatment journey.

Aptar Digital Health is on a mission to empower patients with self-confidence to manage their diseases. We are convinced that proper tools enable an active collaboration between patients and their care teams.

We blend mobile, web technology, and connected hardware, utilizing proprietary platforms and evidence-based algorithms for customizable, agile design across therapeutic areas. With this unique flexibility, Aptar Digital Health is the pharmaceutical industry’s go-to digital health partner, leveraging 20+ years of experience to accelerate and de-risk solutions for self-administration, dosing, adherence, symptom management, and disease management, ultimately improving care and outcomes.

Our mission is fulfilled through comprehensive, globally-scaled solutions that combine products and services for superior treatment experiences.

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How do life sciences leaders take advantage of our solutions?

Aptar Digital Health works closely with life sciences leaders to implement meaningful digital solutions that align with their pipeline and portfolio strategies. These solutions can address a variety of clinical and business challenges driven by the goal of enhancing patient experiences.

Self-administration support
Symptom management
Dosage and adherence
Disease management

Our approach

Our approach meticulously examines each patient’s journey, crafting tailored digital solutions for every pain point. Pharma partners reap diverse benefits, customized to individual disease states and drug assets

  • 01 Differentiating treatment experiences
  • 02 Simplify and reduce toxicity
  • 03 Seamless transitions
  • 04 Assess and enhance real-world outcomes
  • 05 Employ creative IP tactics
  • 06 Standalone reimbursement frameworks

Deliver differentiating treatment experiences to patient and care teams.

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Simplify and reduce toxicity for optimized treatment effectiveness.

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Facilitate seamless transitions from in-hospital to at-home care.

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Assess and enhance real-world outcomes for value-driven care.

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Employ creative IP tactics with drug-digital integrations.

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Boost revenue with standalone reimbursement frameworks for digital solutions.

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Why partner with Aptar Digital Health?

We develop meaningful solutions for patients.

Our vision emphasizes empowering patients for enhanced self-management and collaboration with care teams, ultimately improving overall experiences and outcomes. Aptar Digital Health is dedicated to delivering this vision by leveraging our extensive expertise in patient-centric digital solutions. Drawing from decades of experience assisting thousands of patients in clinical and real-world settings, we strive to create and refine innovative tools that actively engage patients in managing their condition and foster stronger partnerships with healthcare professionals.

We are a trusted partner of global pharma leaders.

Our ISO 13485-certified quality management system has been in place since 2010, ensuring our hosting and data processing infrastructure is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and HDS standards. We possess extensive expertise in executing and managing regulated (SaMD and connected medical devices) and non-regulated digital solutions, working closely with life sciences partners.

Our teams are made of experts in digital therapeutics.

Aptar Digital Health’s team of experts is uniquely positioned to support life sciences in various areas of expertise. Ranging from software engineering, regulatory affairs, and medical affairs to quality assurance and market access, our unparalleled understanding and experience in solution development and operations empower our partners to thrive in their digital initiatives.

Our track record in digital health for pharma is unmatched.

For over a decade, we have been working with the life sciences industry to enhance the patient experience through digital products and services. From initial design to regulatory approval and commercialization, our team helps create sustainable differentiation for our pharma partners. As a legal manufacturer, we have achieved a total of for digital health initiatives and have secured reimbursement for multiple digital solutions in the US and the EU

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