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Aptar Digital Health provides an ecosystem of digital health solutions, leveraging capabilities in the design and development of both hardware and software devices. Depending on intended use, we are able to combine together these assets into regulated or unregulated products, across therapeutic areas and geographies.

Conscious that digital health requires multiple expertise, we are also able to interface our solutions with third parties to increase the value of the solutions we develop.


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Our platform and services facilitate the development of companion apps that integrate with traditional patient support initiatives. These patient-facing apps enhance the onboarding experience, covering all aspects of the patient journey such as training, drug intake, symptom tracking, smart reminders, financial support, and connection with nurse navigators when available.

These solutions are usually brand-specific , non-regulated and non-interventional. They seamlessly integrate with new or existing patient support programs, ensuring a consistent brand experience and synergy with patient services and hubs already in place to support the commercialization of your products.

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SaMD are advanced digital solutions that provide medical interventions and decision-support to patients using clinically evaluated software for treating, managing, and preventing various medical conditions. Our proven platforms support creating SaMD across multiple indications, leveraging our experience with global pharma companies

SaMD generally address precise pain points in the treatment journey, such as challenges with dosing, toxicity or self-administration. As such, they are regulated as medical devices, are usually drug-specific , and aim at improving treatment outcomes

As a pioneer of SaMD innovation, we do not only develop these solutions but also lead efforts to secure regulatory approval and act as the legal manufacturer once in market.

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Our comprehensive disease management platform supports patients across multiple therapeutic areas, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment management. The platform enables real-time remote data monitoring for care teams, while patients receive support throughout their journey. Features include remote diagnostics, electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs), virtual care, telehealth, symptom tracking, and educational content.

Solutions based on our disease management platform are usually drug-agnostic  and may include some regulated components depending on intended use.  They promote active disease monitoring and improved communication with care teams, ultimately enhancing treatment adherence and health outcomes.

They are also eligible to reimbursement in geographies where appropriate frameworks exist. We support our partners in building the right level of evidence through global health economics and market access services

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