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Our Solutions

An ecosystem of digital health solutions that empower patients and deliver a more personalized and positive treatment experience.

Digital Therapeutics

A New Category of Medicine

Some of the most advanced digital solutions we develop for our pharma partners are Digital Therapeutics or DTx. They deliver medical interventions and decision-support directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of medical conditions.

Our proven platforms and processes support the creation of new DTx in a variety of indications, while leveraging the generic capabilities built and improved across the many solutions we have implemented in partnership with global pharma companies. As a founding member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Aptar Digital Health is a pioneer in the field of DTx and continues to bring a steady stream of innovations in this industry.

DTx are usually regulated as medical devices and can be drug-agnostic or intended to be used in conjunction with specific medication. Our platforms support all these use cases. In addition to developing these solutions, we can lead the effort to secure their regulatory approval and act as their legal manufacturer once in market.

Disease Management

End-to-end Solutions

Our disease management platform is a complete, end-to-end solution, supporting patients from the prevention and diagnosis phases, to treatment management, and more, across multiple therapeutic areas.

This platform is used to build solution that can allow care teams to access real-time remote data monitoring to track the patient’s adherence to their treatment. Additionally, patients get the support they need throughout every stage of their treatment journey, including remote patient diagnostic features, ePROS (Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes), virtual care and telehealth solutions, symptom and trigger tracking, as well as access to educational content and videos.

Our disease management platform reflects our commitment to deliver compliant, innovative and best-in-class solutions to optimize the management of chronic conditions for patients undergoing treatment at home. With this complete and easy-to-use platform, patients can benefit from active monitoring of disease evolution and easier communication with their care team, with the ultimate goal of helping patients improve their treatment adherence for better health outcomes.

Companion Apps

Enhancing Patient Support Programs

Our platform and services support the creation of companion apps integrated with more traditional patient support initiatives. These patient-facing apps help deliver an enhanced onboarding experience to patients, across all aspects of the patient journey. This includes training, drug intake and symptom tracking, smart reminders, financial support and connection with nurse navigators when available.

These solutions integrate with your new or existing patient support programs to ensure a consistent brand experience and synergies with patient services and hubs already supporting the commercialization of your products.

Connected Devices

Adding connectivity to drug delivery 

Aptar Digital Health leverages multiple capabilities in the design and development of hardware devices.

Our devices can meet multiple goals: measure vital parameters to understand patient health, track and improve medication adherence, support self-administration, instruct patients by providing training information. We have self-funded a range of devices across multiple delivery routes that can all interface with our software platforms through wireless connectivity.

We continuously expand the range of features within our core assets through internal R&D. Beyond our own capabilities, we believe that the best path toward a successful integrated value proposition is working synergistically with strategic partners. Therefore, we connect with third parties to make our platforms interoperable with other sensors, wearables and digital biomarkers increasing the value delivered to end-users.

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