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Improving care management of pulmonary diseases and allergies through integrated, end-to-end solutions designed to empower patient participation and adherence throughout the treatment process.

Supporting patients’ behaviors to make their daily life simpler


Respiratory conditions, such as asthma and COPD, require consistent and proper dosing of medications to achieve medical goals. And one factor is key in achieving this goal: the patient’s behavior. That is why Aptar Digital Health develops solutions that empower patients to feel more confident and engaged in the management of their disease. Our end-to-end solutions provide continuous support at every stage of the patient’s journey — from prevention, to diagnosis, to disease management, allowing patients and their healthcare team to better monitor and track their condition.

Utilizing a comprehensive ecosystem of services and solutions including AI-based diagnosis tool integration and smart sensors for inhalers and lung function, our disease management platform, can help improve patient well-being, ensure an earlier and accurate diagnosis, and make the daily management of patients’ condition simpler.

One tool to manage your disease

Respiratory diseases can be very complicated to manage, requiring patients to know how to use multiple devices to confirm their diagnosis, track their disease and its triggers, and stop an attack. With multiple, separate devices and data repositories, collecting and analyzing your own data is complicated and time-consuming. With Aptar Digital Health Respiratory Disease Management Platform, we aggregate all data flows into a single platform on your smartphone.

Our solutions provide a variety of unique tools that help patients better manage their disease, such as adherence monitoring, lung function assessment, symptoms reporting, disease triggers identification, as well as access to educational and training content and direct communication with their care team and health coaches.

Our impact on respiratory care is a good illustration of Aptar Digital Health’s ability to innovate within connected drug delivery systems. Beyond our BreatheSmart solution, we have developed our proprietary suite of connected sensors such as:


  • MSpirometer lung function sensor – a Bluetooth-enabled device to measure peak flow, FEV1, FVC, and other key metrics
  • HeroTracker sensors — Bluetooth-enabled medication inhaler tracker sensors, compatible with most MDI and Diskus inhalers

Enhancing respiratory care monitoring for healthcare providers

In addition to an all-in-one solution for patients, the mobile app is also connected to a web portal for healthcare providers allowing them to remotely monitor and track their patients’ condition. All the data are automatically collected by the mobile app and the connected devices such as dose taken, completion of the treatment, symptoms reported, lung function measurement are forwarded to the care team who can access insights on patients’ to better understand patients’ behavior and adherence to the treatment.

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I really love BreatheSmart app. I am so grateful to be able to track my lung function and track my adherence.


In the past 6 months, my breathing has improved dramatically. I’m able to exercise longer and wither greater intensity, and I rarely need to use my rescue inhaler anymore. It’s changed my health for the better


BreatheSmart app has changed my life! Now that I’m reminded; I don’t take my rescue inhaler as much and my life has improved dramatically both professionally and personally


When I first started, I was using my rescue inhaler a couple times a week, but right now I couldn’t tell you the last time I took a rescue inhaler

J. Robinson

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