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Enhancing patient experiences through integrated care and real-world understanding of neurological conditions

Advancing Insights into Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders present a human and economic challenge: they significantly and negatively impact mental health, psychological well-being, life satisfaction, health-related quality of life, cognitive functioning, and social support. Many of these conditions are long-term and incurable, and their symptoms produce persistent or sporadic challenges throughout the patient’s journey. We create solutions to unveil neurological disease progression and enhance patients’ quality of life. Our approach addresses cognitive functioning, mental health, and social challenges for improved well-being, such as:

  • In-depth symptom monitoring, both disease-specific (cognition, motor symptoms) and general (fatigue, pain, weight, temperature)
  • Evaluation of disease progression through patient-guided symptom self-reporting with sensors and validated scales.
  • Quality of Life surveys and ePROs (nutrition, stress, sleep, activity)
  • Care team collaboration for support, feedback, and interventions

To build these solutions, we leverage proprietary hardware and software platforms, partnering with top third-party solutions, and tailoring services to enhance patient experience throughout treatment.

Providing holistic support beyond drug intake

Neurological disorders significantly impact mental health, causing daily stress and anxiety. Digital mental health solutions have expanded over the last 10 years, offering synchronous and asynchronous therapist contact, peer-support, web/mobile therapy, cognitive training, and virtual/augmented reality programs.

Aptar Digital Health focuses on improving patient experiences through a holistic ecosystem, addressing unique needs and psychosocial burdens.

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