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Enhancing patient experiences through integrated care and real-world understanding of neurological conditions

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Leading to a better understanding of neurological conditions

Neurological conditions present a human and economic challenge as they significantly and negatively impact mental health, psychological well-being, life satisfaction, health-related quality of life, cognitive functioning and social support. Many of these conditions are long-term and incurable, and their symptoms produce persistent or sporadic challenges throughout the patient’s journey.

In this challenging context, we design and develop solutions to build a better understanding of disease progression and get informed insights on patients’ quality of life. Such solutions can include features such as:

  • Comprehensive symptom monitoring, both disease-specific (cognition, motor symptoms) and general (fatigue, pain, weight, temperature, …).
  • Disease progression assessment: leveraging self-reporting by patients through validated scales and sensors.
  • Quality of life surveys and ePROs combining multiple data points such as nutrition, stress, sleep or physical activity
  • Connection with care team to get support and feedback, inform about disease progression and trigger clinical interventions.

To build these solutions, we leverage our proprietary hardware and software platforms. We also partner with best-of-breed third-party solutions to increase the value delivered to our end-users and build services to meet patient needs at every step of their treatment journey.

Providing holistic support beyond drug intake

Many neurological disorders come with a huge toll on patients’ mental health, with high levels of stress and anxiety every day. Consequently, digital mental health has rapidly grown over the last 10 years with multiple channels to deliver services to patients such as: synchronous and asynchronous contact with therapists, digital peer-support, web/mobile-based therapy programs, cognitive training or virtual/augmented-reality programs.

At Aptar Digital Health, we are convinced that enhancing patient experiences goes beyond drug intake. To meet each unique patient’s needs, our digital solutions are integrated with a comprehensive ecosystem of services that take into consideration the psychosocial burden of these diseases.

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