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Improving care management of autoimmune diseases through integrated, end-to-end solutions designed to empower patient participation and adherence throughout their treatment journey.

Supporting patients to better understand and live with their disease

The value of education and self-management interventions that help patients play an active role in their medical care has been well established. In immunology, we develop solutions to intervene throughout the patient journey during 3 critical steps:


Empower patients to give them better control over their disease and treatment


Provide individualized education and recommendations according to each unique patient profile


Leverage digital to strengthen the collaboration between patients and their care team

By leveraging our proprietary digital health platform, we deliver integrated solutions including features such as medication reminders, educational content, symptom diaries, self-tracking dashboard, identification of potential triggers leading to flare-ups, decision-support, remote patient monitoring or telehealth modules. These solutions generally go beyond drug intake, as they include datapoints related to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, or stress for example.

We believe that by providing the right amount of personalized information to patients, they are more likely and more motivated to better manage their condition.

Increasing confidence for self-administration

Therapies treating autoimmune disorders are often administered through subcutaneous route. Benefits of the subcutaneous application of drugs can include administration by the patient at home, shortened administration time, reduced infusion-related adverse events and lower healthcare costs. For all these reasons, it has been shown that most patients and healthcare professionals prefer subcutaneous over intravenous drug administration whenever possible.

However, self-injection comes with its own set of challenges: patients may have never received proper training or spent adequate time with an instructor, they may lack confidence during the self-injection process, feel high levels of anxiety or lack of control. Our belief is that remote training, onboarding and monitoring solutions for self-administration of injectable drugs is necessary.

Aptar Digital Health develops software and connected devices solutions that can support these use cases and generate valuable real-world data. There are many potential benefits of augmenting self-injection with end-to-end digital solutions:

  • Patient benefits: improved patient experience and confidence may lead to better therapeutic outcomes.
  • HCP benefits: better visibility into patient’s adherence and experience with their treatment may help inform therapeutic decisions.
  • Brand benefits: delivering a differentiating patient experience may increase adherence and brand loyalty.

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