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Data Analytics

Transforming data into real world evidence to support decision-making, deliver clinical, economic and humanistic outcomes.

Generate new insights from unique real-world data

At Aptar Digital Health, we build digital health solutions that deliver a new and unique set of data to healthcare stakeholders in near real-time. The most exciting characteristic of a digital health is that not only it delivers an outcome, it also manages to measure it at the same time.

We build solutions that capture symptom-related data for patients in near real-time. This can help patients and their care team to better manage treatments.

It also provides other stakeholders with data that can help deliver better care. It offers visibility into the real-world experience of treatment, and insights into the day-to-day impact of treatment-related symptoms for patients and care teams. Our solutions aim answering questions such as

  • Which symptoms are most likely to affect the duration of treatment?
  • What is the effectiveness of different supportive care strategies in mitigating the effects of symptoms?
  • What is the impact of treatment-emerging toxicities on patient satisfaction and quality of life?

In turn, this allows stakeholders to better understand real-world outcomes that matter to them:

  • Clinical outcomes: What is the impact of reducing symptoms? Which supportive care strategies work? What effect do they have on: (i) treatment effectiveness and (ii) disease progession?
  • Economic outcomes: What savings can be generated by intervening early? Does this help to avoid symptom-related ER visits and hospitalizations?
  • Humanistic outcomes: When a patient is empowered to self-manage their low-grade symptoms, what is the benefit in terms of QoL and satisfaction?

Leverage industry-grade data infrastructures and analytics

Our data services team consists of experienced data engineers, data scientists and data analysts.

Our data infrastructure is built onMicrosoft Azure. This includes technologies such as Azure Data Factory to ingest, prepare, and transform data at scale, and PowerBI to deliver interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities.

We are proud of our privacy-by-design approach. All our data hosting and processing activities comply with HIPAA and GDPR regulations. Our in-house Data Protection Officer is a key member of our product team.

Make real-world data easy

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