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Training & Onboarding

Ensuring growing adoption and engagement by healthcare professionals and patients in a clinical settings.

We understand clinical workflows

Workflow varies from place to place, and it is important that the digital solutions we develop reflect this reality to properly onboard providers and patients to be used effectively in the context of clinical care.

Aptar Digital Health and Noble, an Aptar Pharma company, have been working extensively with patients to optimise the design and development of digital solutions and maximise adoption by onboarding  patients and healthcare providers.

Since the beginning of the design phase, our Implementation team is involved to acquire a clear and precise understanding of the purpose of the solution for its end-users. From there, they can lead or contribute to the building of an Implementation Playbook that will be used as a reference document for the real-world use of your solution.

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Your unique set of resources, plus product features and services all impact their adoption at the clinic. Thus, we continuously evaluate impacts on healthcare professionals and patients and we refine the strategy according to new needs that may emerge.

As the product progresses, we create complementary materials to raise awareness about the use of the digital solution and explain how it works. Concretely, these materials can be translated into:

  • Implementation Plan/Checklist
  • Clinic Workflow Assessment
  • Integration Strategy Guide
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Toolkit
  • Patients Recruitment
  • Training Sessions and Material
  • Onbaoarding Guides for Patients

Increase adoption and engagement through proactive support methods and scheduled events along the patient journey

Discover Patient Services a personalized and professional enrollment process adapted to your patients and product to support you in the enrollment of patients using your digital companion.

Pull/Push strategy to raise awareness
Integrated with your Patient Support Program
Widen your user population
Multi-channel communication strategy
Control the narrative on your digital solution
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