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IPUMP® | Allergen Immunotherapy treatment connected device and mobile app

Streamline allergy management with smart, personalized patient medication adherence.

Navigating the complexities of immunology treatments, especially for those managing allergies, requires a routine marked by precision and consistency. For patients, this often means a strict regimen of oral medications tailored to prevent and manage the symptoms of allergic reactions. However, keeping track of usage and maintaining the discipline of treatment can be a daunting task, leading to frustration and potential mismanagement of medication.

This is where iPUMP® steps in. Launched in October 2023 together with Stallergenes Greer, this innovative connected device, paired with its companion app, simplifies allergy management with a personalized, precise approach that is designed to fit effortlessly into patients’ daily life:

Sensor Alerts: iPUMP® signals correct usage with sound.

Dose Timer: The built-in timer signifies the conclusion of the daily dose as prescribed

Visual Confirmation: iPUMP® indicates a taken dose.

Mobile app: Directly linked to the iPUMP® app, patients gain immediate access to their prescribed treatment protocol, keeping them informed and in control

Treatment Tracking: Enhances adherence and monitors intake.

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