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Reimagining Healthcare with Drug, Device, and Digital Offerings

Many patients receive a prescription for therapy, but very often get little further support from their physicians or the manufacturers of the medication. Therefore, it is not surprising that medication adherence rates are as low as 50%. Forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies are turning to an approach that combines drugs with digital therapeutics (DTx) and medical devices to monitor patient progress, provide personalized recommendations, and improve clinical outcomes. These companies have found success through strategic partnerships with firms that are well-versed in developing and commercializing digital therapeutics, as it enables them to stay focused on their core competencies in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This article provides guidance for pharmaceutical companies who want to build a combined drug, device, and digital offering. It highlights the steps that are necessary to maximize adoption by patients at the right time of their journey.  It concludes with the benefits for pharma of partnering with digital therapeutics companies.

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