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DIABEO Software & Telemedicine vs. Standard Diabetic Care

DIABEO App Software and Telemedicine Versus Usual Follow-Up in the Treatment of Diabetic Patients: Protocol for the TELESAGE Randomized Controlled Trial

Clinical protocol of a new study to evaluate the impact of telemonitoring in the management of diabetes. The study TELESAGE has been conducted in a larger population of diabetic patients based in France (100 centers) with poorly controlled basal-bolus insulin levels. The telemonitoring tool used is Diabeo® a class IIb CE-marked medical device that provides therapeutic support to aid basal and bolus insulin titration. The study compares a control group with two Diabeo®  telemedicine systems: physician-assisted telemedicine, and nurse-assisted telemonitoring and teleconsultations by a diabetologist’s task delegation.

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